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MiDAS Minibus Driver Training

1st Class Solutions has extensive experience in training people to drive minibuses. We deliver bespoke Minibus Driver Awareness Training (MiDAS) programmes during the course of the year. 


If you would like to self drive one of our minibuses, or your own then, you will need a current MiDAS certificate to be able to do this. MiDAS is the national standard for minibus drivers in the voluntary and public sector.

Our MiDAS training is delivered by instructors who bring years of practical experience that will help you get the most out of your course. The course consists of a one day classroom session and a separate individual one hour on-road driving assessment. The programme includes:

  • Legal responsibilities of driving a minibus

  • Safe and environmentally friendly driving techniques

  • Vehicle familiarisation and checking

  • The correct use of passenger lifts and wheelchair restraints

  • A certificate valid for 4 years upon successful completion

What does the course consist of?​

Each training course starts promptly at 9.30am and finishes at about 4.30pm. You will need to bring the your UK driving licence (both photo card and paper parts), and a passport-size photo along with you on the day.

The morning session: 

The first session is (classroom based)Minibus driving and the legislation. Defensive and environmental driving technique theories. Information on breakdowns, collisions and emergency procedures.

The afternoon session: 

How to assist wheelchair users.Practical tuition regarding accessible equipment - i.e. the correct way to clamp wheelchairs onto a minibus and the passenger lift operation and finally a multiple choice test

The practical assessment: 

At the end of the course, delegates will be given a half-hour practical session and assessment drive

How much does it cost?

MiDAS Driver Training Standard 1 day course with certificate:  Available on Request

MiDAS Driver Training Accessible minibus 1 day course: Available on Request

MiDAS Driver Training refresher course: Available on Request

MiDAS Minibus Driver’s Handbook: Available on Request

Our prices are the most competitive on the market

Book your place now. 

Call us on 0113 292 6711 or email at midas@northerntravelservices.co.uk

MiDAS Reg No: M126247